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Why should I TRUST the TicketKiller Service?
AIn short, experience, reputation and our guarantee. The founder of TicketKiller is a retired police officer, with 12 years traffic and professional court experience (25 years total research, court and officer). We have a flawless record with all consumer protection agencies. We are not members of any agency but we invite you to check our record with the Better Business Bureau. We are the only company that we have heard of that offers a money back guarantee on a traffic matter…and actually gives the refunds for legitimate refund requests. READ MORE →
Can Attorneys Use This Service?
AYes, but generally, you do not obtain legal counsel to represent you in court for traffic violations. Have you ever seen an attorney’s yellow page ad read, “For all your traffic ticket needs” Most likely you haven’t, because competent attorneys generally specialize in areas of law where they can make more money. There’s not enough money in speeding violation tickets for them to fight your $50 to $500 traffic matter.

Even when attorneys have a client with enough at stake to pay “whatever it takes”, we have found them to be fairly incompetent in handling traffic matters. Because better money is made elsewhere, it is simply impossible for most attorneys to handle enough traffic citation cases to become traffic experts or to make a good living.

A judge, attorney, or police officer may use the TicketKiller system legally for their own personal use, or to add to their private case law library. For an attorney or ticket service to use TicketKiller systems (all or in part) repeatedly, even if it has been purchased, constitues a violation of applicable copyright laws.

Tell me more about TicketKiller…
ATicketKiller is founded by a retired police officer. We are very concerned about the traffic ticket system as it exists today. We are not anti-tax, anti-government, or anti-police. We are simply against any form of tax or revenue which violates the law… READ MORE →
What do I get when I order?
AYou will receive a plus page document (the system) which includes a “read from” script to use in court. The document includes the questions to ask the officer, including follow up questions, in case the officer gives an unexpected answer, all city regulation references, all case law proving these references are mandatory, and a state specific file for the state on your billing address. It requires this kind of preparation in our current traffic court climate to beat a speeding ticket. The document is long because it covers many types of tickets. You do not need to read everything and can rely heavily on viewing the tutorial videos. READ MORE →
Where can I view customer testimonials or references?
ADoctor H. Markman of Boulder Colorado writes:
Mike: Thanks – I WON!!!

This is the single best service (on or off the Internet) I have used – it is worth every penny and much more. Due to ticketkiller I won my case and had fun doing it. Mike is professional, smart, and very helpful.

Dr. H. Markman


Where can I read your free advice?
AIf you’re comfortable speaking in a court setting, and preparing your own defense plan, and you only need the research to be done for you, this free area contains the information to help you beat your many tickets…READ MORE →
What Types of Tickets do you handle?
AAt this point, TicketKiller only handles speeding tickets. We help with every type of speeding ticket regardless of the method of speed measurement that was used by the officer. The Radar Plus system is our main system and works on all types of speeding tickets other than Airplane Pace or Work Zone speeding tickets, each of which have their own system. School Zone speeding tickets are not guaranteed for money back and do not have their own system. If you have a school zone speeding ticket and you are going to fight, you will gain valuable information from the similarities in the Work Zone system. READ MORE →
Simply choose which program you need. If you do not need one of the four special types, just order “Radar Plus” which covers all ticket types. You will get a username and password and the program immediately upon ordering. Your State file will be sent within one business day. Email us with any concern. We monitor email 7 days per week.