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Ticket Killer FAQ

  1. What exactly do I get when I order TicketKiller?
  2. What is TicketKiller based on?
  3. I don’t want this on my record. How do I know I’ll win?
  4. How do I use TicketKiller?
  5. What if I really was speeding?
  6. Couldn’t I do this without buying anything?
  7. What if I want to plea bargain, win at the pretrial conference; use Trial by Mail or another option?
  8. What are the exact strategies you use?
  9. How can you say that I will win or that my ticket has weaknesses?
  10. How specific is your information to my ticket?
  11. How do you compare to other web sites?
  12. Do you offer a guarantee and if so what is the “fine print?”


1.What exactly do I get when I order TicketKiller?

You get all the consultation, strategies, example defenses, video tutorials, information and guidance you need to create a customized defense based on your particular kind of ticket in the specific State where you received it.

2. What is TicketKiller based on?
Established federal and local (State) regulations, facts notcommonly known by the general public, case law, references to prior court cases. We even provide you with State and Supreme Court case law as applicable and when available.

The information to defeat your ticket is out there, and we spent years digging it up. The very thing you need is in our case law collection and video tutorials already.

Although TicketKiller is not run by attorneys, we used an attorney and our own very talented paralegal to obtain highly pecific verification of our strategies and actual case lawproof of every one of our major strategies, proving their validity.

While other services leave you embarrassed in court, with TicketKiller you will overwhelm the prosecution with supreme court verified dismissal issues they can’t contend with.

3. I don’t want this on my record. How do I know I will win?
No other system has the depth, background or information to prepare you like we do.

No one can guarantee your win but if you want to put the odds of winning in your favor, you have to go to court as if you were prepared by a top professional Dream Team of legal andresearch experts. Fortunately, you will be.

4. How do I use Ticket Killer?
The video tutorials and short digital book are the key and willwalk you through your preparation step by step. It is “do it yourself” because no one other than attorneys can practice law but as long as you are willing to listen and learn from the videos… this is as simple as it gets.

You will read 50 or so pages of instruction and strategy. You will select the tutorial videos from an index that lists all 100 plus videos. For example if you have a radar ticket, you would watch the several videos (averaging 4 min each) that tell you exactly which strategies you could select or consider using that tend to beat radar speeding ticket cases.

The videos are the key. There are no gaps where you won’t know what to do, which strategies to select or how to present your case. We even give you some examples of complete winning cases from past clients so you can quickly understand the big picture. Note: The two examples are declaration trials which is simply a complete defense using many different strategies ready to be mailed in or used in court for that specific ticket.

5. What if I really was speeding?

Most of the time you can still beat your ticket. Here are just a few reasons why –

a. Going faster than the limit doesn’t always qualify as speeding. We force the prosecutor or officer to prove that the speed limit was legal and properly determined, something they are not often able to do.

b. The speed limit as it was posted may not have actually met local regulations.

c. The officer may not have clocked you accurately or be able to prove it.

d. The equipment used to “clock” you may not have been calibrated or not calibrated according to strict regulations.

e. The officer may not have proof of training for the exact make and model of device used to estimate your speed. This is a very high odds issue.

f. The ticket may be dismissed due to several other strategies and case law we provide.

Note: Some of you are thinking: What difference do these issues make? It is simple. In court; any issue that preceded the accused act (speeding) is foundational to all evidence against you being admissible. We show you how to find one to three such issues in most cases. When this happens the evidence against you such as a) officer testimony b) electronic device evidence c) everything else, becomes inadmissible and there is no case against you. Case dismissed!

6. I’m a pretty smart person — couldn’t I just

do this on my own?

Sure — if you have the time to re-invent the wheel,


Our main expert, Mike Hohlweg has been at this for over 30 years now. You could spend thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars digging up the little known weaknesses in modern day traffic mills but why? We charge so little many of our customers tell us they can’t believe the quality and thoroughness of the information. No one else comes close even if they charge ten times our small fee.

7. What if I want a chance at a plea bargaining,or if my state offers a pretrial hearing or a way
to mail in a trial, affidavit or declaration?

Great! Your best chance for getting any possible deal is to have the strongest possible case.BEFORE offering you any deal, all prosecutors and officers want to know your defense plan. If you don’t have a great one and a strong chance of winning…. they don’t deal. It is easier to just crush you in court… and they will. Use us to nearly eliminate that possibility.

Your TicketKiller defense puts you in the strongest bargaining position. Your detailed, prepared, well-defended case takes more than 10 or 15 minutes in a busy courtroom day and costs the court money. Confronted
with a case like that, the court is much more likely to make a deal.

Pretrial conference States? We have the only tried and true, court tested in over 150 individual citizen pretrial conferences. The perfect design of the strategies and video tutorials regarding winning in the pretrial conference give you a solid 75% odds of walking out with a “win.” What do wecall a win? A non-moving violation and you pay the fine. Thismeans no points, no mark or “mover” on your drivers license
and no reporting to the insurance company. The key is “howwe do it.” We guarantee you will smile from ear to ear as youwatch the pretrial conference on how to win over ¾ of the time without ever setting foot in the courtroom.

Trial by mail, affidavit or declaration: This one is evene asier than the pretrial conference. Use one of our included templates and watch the tutorial videos. Done correctly, in most States that offer a mail option for trial you can win butnot lose. This is because if your mail trial does not win, you can still proceed just as if it never happened. Of course if you

8. What exact strategies do you use?

Of course we won’t give you all the details here, but one thing that makes TicketKiller superior is how comprehensive we are. To effectively fight your speeding fine:

We attack the speeding ticket with solid law from many, many angles.

Prosecutors are always unprepared for well supported and researched legal defenses. They’re blindsided by a citizen coming into court without an attorney who’s professionally prepared. We also show you the one mistake some other attorneys and websites make that undoes this huge advantage.We also strive to take the decision out of the hands of the judge whenever possible, by showing that courts have already ruled and set a precedent on your kind of case.

9.How can you say that I will win or that my ticket has weaknesses?

What 99 out of 100 citizens don’t know is that there are hundreds of laws protecting us from speeding and other tickets that are just written for revenue. These laws and cases that protect US, make virtually all, speeding tickets winnable because the only way to write what we call “revenue tickets” is to shortcut these citizen protections. We estimate that over 90% of all tickets now being written in all 50 States are these revenue tickets. Our research and coaching tutorials show you which laws or regulations the city, county or officer skipped and for once, you will find the law on your side and the officer on trial instead of you. The reason our win rate is under 90% is simple. Not all judges care if a city or officer violated the law and still find against the citizen in some cases. We call these judges “tax collectors” and they are difficult. Thankfully, with case law, legal evidence and training that you will have, most judges,most of the time side with the evidence and dismiss.

10. How specific is your information to my speeding ticket?

Is it important what state I was in?

Very specific. State laws have to always be in compliance

with national standards in areas such as:

court procedures

officer training

equipment certification and calibration the setting of speed limits
Yet, some issues are not Federally regulated and can vary by State.
That is why the TicketKiller state-specific approach
squashes any other site’s “one-size-fits-all” and all other
Online e-books or services.

11. How do you compare to other speeding ticket web sites? Why should I choose Ticket Killer?

Other sites have some defense theories or ideas that work some of the time with certain judges or prosecutors. However unlike TicketKiller, most of our competitors depend on one strategy with or without case law or regulatory proof or State specifics. If that one cookie-cutter approach fails, you’re out of luck — there is no back-up plan. Why not go in with so much legal “ammo” that your odds of winning far
outweigh the prosecutions?

12. Do you offer a money back guarantee and if so, what is the fine print?

Yes we do! We want you to win — so if you don’t win in court with TicketKiller, we will promptly refund your full purchase price. The only thing we require is a court receipt. We are the opposite of an attorney. Ask an attorney for his/her odds and they will tell you “I think we have a very good chance on this one.” Then ask them for a money back guarantee should

they lose… they will explain to you that they get paid for

time and effort and their law license. That is lawyer talk for:

We lose most of the time so we need to get paid, especially

when we lose.